Your Safety


Side rails may be raised on the bed for your protection. When they are used, please cooperate with the nurses. Do not try to lower the rails, and never try to climb over them. If you need help, press the nurse-call button.

Asking for Assistance

While you are hospitalized, your ability to move around may be hampered, whether as a result of illness or medication. Your doctor will indicate on your chart whether you can get out of bed and if assistance is needed. Members of the hospital staff are trained to assist you in getting out of bed, moving to a chair or wheelchair, or going to the bathroom. To assure your safety, please call on the staff to assist you. Please wear slippers at all times when you are out of bed, and be particularly cautious in the bathroom. Should you find that you need assistance in the bathroom, please pull the emergency cord which will alert the staff that you need help.


Your physician will prescribe the drugs you need during your hospital stay and they will be administered by the hospital staff. If you have brought medication with you, contact your nurse. For your protection, medication cannot be kept at the bedside. Maintenance type drugs such as medications for diabetes or high blood pressure, will be administered by the hospital staff with the permission of  your physician.

Personal Articles

Since the use of electrical appliances, such as radios, hair dryers, etc., may interfere with the operation of medical equipment or post a safety hazard, patients may wish to leave such appliances at home. If you must use an electric appliance, it must first be checked and approved by our maintenance personnel. Before using, notify your nurse that you have brought an electric appliance and need approval from maintenance.


Northwest Medical Center is a health care facility; therefore, smoking is not allowed in the hospital. Patients and visitors may only smoke in the designated smoking area. Hospital staff will direct you to the designated smoking area outside the facility. Smoking at the front entrance is prohibited.

Fire Drills

Please do not be alarmed if you hear the fire alarm. Frequent fire and disaster drills are conducted to assure maximum safety for our patients in case of an actual emergency situation.

Infant and Child Safety

We at Northwest Medical Center are committed to your child’s safety and security during his or her hospital stay. We would like to remind you of the following key points to ensure your child’s safety:
  1. Become familiar with the hospital personnel.
  2. Never leave your baby or child alone or unsupervised.
  3. Check for proper ID before giving your baby/child to anyone.
  4. If you are unsure of a hospital employee ID for any reason, press your
  5. call light and ask for your nurse.
  6. Place your baby’s/child’s crib on the side of the bed away from the door.

This allows you to see visitors and hospital staff as they approach your baby/child.

Remember, your child’s protection is priority with us. You as a parent play a key role in assuring that  these priorities are met.


The hospital cannot be responsible for any valuables that you may wish to keep in your room. You are encouraged to send jewelry, credit cards, and money home. There is a safe available for valuables if necessary.