Your Hospital Stay


All patient rooms are private at Northwest Medical Center. However, in the event of high occupancy, certain private rooms may be converted to semiprivate rooms. If such should occur, please give us your understanding and cooperation.

For your convenience, our rooms have electrically controlled beds with bedside controls which are designed for your comfort and safety. Your nurse will show you how to operate the controls.

In addition, an individual temperature control is located in each room for your comfort.


No charges apply for local calls. Local calls may be made by pressing “9”, waiting for a dial tone, then dialing the number you desire. Long distance calls must be placed through the switchboard operator and may be charged either to your telephone credit card, or placed as a “collect call”. To place a long distance call, press “0”, and the hospital operator will assist you. Your friends and relatives may dial you directly, and your nurse will be glad to give you the direct number for your room.


Besides providing you with nourishment, your diet is also a valuable tool to your recovery. Your doctor orders the diet that best suits your needs. Your physician’s orders will determine the type of food served to you. If you have questions about your special diet, please contact our Dietician at 205-487-7758. Unless you are having a procedure that requires withholding your meals, you will be served Breakfast  6:30 AM; Lunch 11:30 AM; and Dinner 4:30 PM. All meals at Northwest Medical Center are prepared by the trained staff of the Dietary Department.

Each nursing unit is stocked with a variety of light snacks for patients. These snacks include juices, milk, ice cream, cereal, and crackers. Please ask the nursing staff to make these snacks available to you. In some circumstances, your physician or dietician may prescribe snacks for you based on your nutritional needs.


Your television is free for your use whenever you wish. Controls for the television are located on the nurse call system or on the bedrails.

Mail and Flowers

All mail and flowers addressed to you will be delivered to your room. Mail received after discharge will be forwarded to your home address. If flowers are received after your discharge, the florist will be informed that you have gone home. Flowers are not permitted in the Intensive Care Unit.


Notify your minister of your hospital stay so that he or she can make arrangements to visit you. If you do not have a minister, our nurses and social services department will help you contact a minister of the denomination of your choice.

Lost and Found

If you misplace any of your belongings, please notify the nurse. Items left behind are kept in the hospital’s safe for a reasonable length of time before they are discarded. Remember never to leave valuables in your room.


If you need any additional educational material related to your condition or treatment, please contact your nurse or caregiver.