Pain Management

During hospitalization, you may experience discomfort or pain. The health care professionals at Northwest Medical Center consider each patient to be a unique individual worthy of compassionate care. Information about your current pain level and options to manage your pain will be discussed in your initial assessment interview. The pain management plan developed with your health care team will be evaluated on an on-going basis. Any questions concerning your pain management should be addressed with your physician or nurse. The health care team values your partnership in determining a suitable pain management plan during your hospital stay and continuing recovery after discharge.

As a patient you can expect appropriate assessment and management of pain, information about pain and pain relief measures, a concerned staff committed to pain management, health professionals who respond quickly to reports of pain, and state of the art pain management.

Pain Management Options

There are many options for pain management. Your healthcare team will discuss medications and other alternative measures for managing your pain.

Patient Controlled Analgesia

Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) refers to giving pain medication as ordered by the physician through a PCA pump into an existing intravenous line (IV). The patient controls the amount of pain medication given by pushing a button when pain occurs. The pump will be set to deliver only the dosage your doctor feels is safe for you. Discuss any questions about patient controlled analgesia with your physician or nurse.

Epidural Pain Management

Epidural pain management refers to pain medications given through a pump into a very small tube that is placed in the patient’s back. The epidural pain management option is used for certain surgical procedures. The anesthesia provider determines the dosage of medication given and directs the pain management plan as long as the epidural is in place. For further information concerning this pain relief  option, talk with your surgeon, anesthesia provider, or nurse.