General Information


The Admitting Department works with your physician to make your admission procedure as simple as possible. You will be asked to supply routine information on yourself, your insurance coverage, and make the necessary financial arrangements. This information remains confidential and is necessary for medical and hospital records. At the time of your admission, you will be asked for your hospital  insurance identification card, policy, and other pertinent information.

Consent Forms

A consent form for treatment must be signed by you, your next of kin, or another authorized person. Specific authorization must be given for surgery, some diagnostic tests and procedures, and the release of information to your insurance company. Consent forms for minors must be signed by parents or legal guardian. If you do not understand our forms, please ask for an explanation.

Identification Band

The identification band placed around your wrist allows hospital personnel to check your name and hospital identification number when administering medications or performing routine procedures and tests. This safeguard is for your protection. Please do not remove this band until after you are discharged.


Volunteers serve in a number of areas at the hospital. They deliver mail, assist in transporting patients, provide support services for nursing and work on many hospital projects. These people who give their most valuable commodity, their time, are an important part of the health care team.


Northwest Medical Center does not assume responsibility for any valuables, clothing, or other personal items. Please leave valuables at home, send them home with your family members, or request that such items be placed in the hospital safe. Eyeglasses, contact lenses, and dentures should be kept in protective containers when not in use.

Procedures Before Surgery

We have specialty trained, experienced surgical staff committed to your safety and comfort throughout your surgical procedure. If you have questions about your operation or about what to expect during the next few days, please talk to your doctor or nurse about your surgical procedure.

If a pre-operative stay is necessary, various diagnostic procedures may be requested by your physician. An anesthesia provider will also visit with you prior to your surgery. The operation will be explained to you by your physician and then you will sign the consent form.

If you are having an outpatient surgical procedure, a nursing history and physical assessment will be completed along with any pre-operative tests which are ordered by your physician. Please bring a list of medications you are taking as well as a list of previous surgeries.

Recovery Room

Following surgery, you will be taken to the recovery room, where you will be watched closely and your vital signs will be checked frequently. Time spent in the recovery room varies greatly. While you are in the recovery room, your family will not be permitted to visit you.

Medication From Home

Please do not keep medications from home at the hospital unless your physician tells you to do so. All medications must be stored securely. Be sure to advise your physician and nurses if you have been taking medications and/or herbal preparations recently or if you have any drug allergies.

Special Concerns

Northwest Medical Center strives to meet any special needs, when possible. Please share with your nurse any special concerns. We are equipped to meet these needs with such resources as 24-hour available interpreters through Language Line Services and other resources.