Financial Arrangements

During the admitting process, you were asked for your insurance identification card so that coverage could be verified and arrangements could be made for the payment of your bill.

The Business Office will work with you in every way to see that your insurance coverage is utilized to the fullest. However, you are ultimately responsible for your account.

If you anticipate difficulty concerning payment of your hospital bill, please contact the Financial Counselor in the Business Office at 487-7703 to make the necessary arrangements.

The Business Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00AM– 4:30 PM.

Delayed Charges

It sometimes requires 24 hours or more for a charge from hospital departments to be posted to your account. Therefore, charges for treatments or medicines ordered during the 24 hours preceding your discharge may not appear on your bill until after you have left the hospital.

If you have questions about your bill, please do not hesitate to call the hospital Business Office at 487-7705.

Professional Fees

Your hospital bill does not include fees for professional services of your physician, surgeon, or consulting physicians, nor fees for the services of physician specialists, such as radiologists or pathologists.

Although your bill will carry a hospital charge for the administration of these services, separate charges will be billed by these physicians to cover their professional fees.

If additional financial arrangements are required, please contact the business office at 487-7705.