Complaint & Conflict Resolution

Northwest Medical Center provides a mechanism for responding to and resolving patients/families concerns or complaints regarding their care or hospital service. We ask that all complaints regarding your service at Northwest Medical Center be brought to the attention of the Department Manager or Administration. However, the patient and/or patient representative maintains the right to notify the Alabama Department of Public Health.

Medicare beneficiaries having a complaint regarding quality of care, a coverage decision, or wish to appeal a premature discharge, may contact the Alabama Quality Assurance Foundation (AQAF). Contact numbers may be obtained from the Quality Resource Management Department.

It is the goal of Northwest Medical Center to review, investigate, and respond to each patient’s grievance within seven days. If the complaint cannot be resolved within seven days, or if the investigation will not be completed within seven days, the patient or patient representative shall be informed that the hospital is working to resolve the complaint and that written follow-up will be provided within 30 days.